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Pickleball Lighting Direct-Indirect.

Lighting Designed Specifically for Pickleball

Whether you are building a new pickleball facility for commercial or private use the most important factor is playability and player experience. The biggest mistake is poor lighting choices. Lighting is more important than most of the equipment used to play the sport. Being able to clearly see spin, distance, ball speed, trajectory, clarity of lines, footing, and minimizing glare are critical components of proper lighting for pickleball courts. We encourage you to read our  “Buyers Guide” (linked below. We discuss in detail the three types of lighting outlined by USA Pickleball and the American Sports Builders assoc.

LED Pickleball Lighting Buyers Guide

Do not make the mistakes others have, become informed-it’s free

Brite Court Picklelight Direct/Indirect vs LED down (direct) light

Lighting is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make on your build-out or retrofit of your facility. The Pickleball Lighting is part of many metrics your players/customers consider as they rate their playability and experience at your facility, in fact lighting is top two and can have an huge impact on your success, especially if the competitor down the street used better suited pickleball lighting. The biggest mistake is to use direct/down lighting, more specifically fixtures that were designed for warehouses that ain straight down. Down lighting has poor glare mangament but more importantly it cannot effictively illuminate the ball a well as as the entire cubic envelope of the court including every cubic foot floor to ceiling. While down lighting can illuminate the floor it struggle to illuminate the airspace over the court. Pictured left is a comparison between the LSI ARB Warehouse/Pickleball down light and the Brite court enngineered Direct/Indirect system.

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USAP Tournament level lighting brite court Direct Indirect LED sports lighting systems
Private Sport court Pickleball-tennis-basketball

Feature project: Pickleball Zone Bend OR, (click on Picture to see 360-view)Pickleball Zone bend OR Direct indirect pro lighting system

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Next Generation LED Direct/Indirect Pickleball Lighting

#1 Preferred lighting type (Direct/indirect) per the USAP and ASBA

Single pickleball court iullumination demonstrating uniformity and over all illumination of the area

Brite Court Direct/Indirect Pickleball lighting systems are watt for watt the most efficient, and highest performance lighting available. With 35%-40% indirect (Uplight) this makes for exceptional whole room illumination. This Picture (right), demonstrates floor to ceiling, wall to wall illumination. The most important factor for ball sports is illuminating the ball itself at all levels of flight, without shadowing on the ball. Proper designed Direct/Indirect lighting will simply fill every cubic foot of airspace above the court surface thus illuminating the ball at all elevations of flight, unlike “direct only” lighting that will have poor uniformity and dark zones above the court.

Celebrating 22-years of Sport Lighting

The Brite Court team has been designing and providing Direct/Indirect lighting to the tennis and Pickleball industry for more than 20 years now. We are the only company that makes and offers LED Direct/Indirect lighting engineered specifically for pickleball. Do not be fooled by off the shelf warehouse lighting with 5%-10% uplight those are considered downlights and do not illuminate the upper airspace above the court unless placed over the court, more importantly they typically will not have proper glare management.

LED Pickleball Lighting Buyers Guide

Do not make the mistakes others have made, become informed-it’s free

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More than 800 Tennis and Pickleball Lighting Projects Designed

We have recently released our 4th generation of Direct/Indirect lighting, however this generational change we have refined the fixture exclusively for illuminating pickleball courts and lower ceiling elevations. Our new PickleLight D/I provides glare free un-matched tournament level lighting with individual court lighting management. Pictured Left, this is a photometric rendering of a new pickleball facility using the Brite Court Picklelight D/I. There are two versions of the rendering (including Pseudo rendering that uses a color scale to show a more defined distribution of light). As you can see the court is uniformly illuminated, but more importantly the walls, the ceiling, are also illuminated. This also demonstrates the overall illumination of the airspace and how well the ball will be illuminated at all elevations.

Our Technology

 made in the USA with 10-year

All of Brite Court indoor Sports and Pickleball Lighting fixtures are designed and engineered specifically for the individual sport providing superior unmatched performance while delivering the latest LED technologies, not to mention Made in America. The Direct-Indirect lighting systems can be designed to deliver light levels from Professional 100+ foot-candles to recreational 40-50 foot-candles. Unlike other so called Pickleball lighting suppliers who likely offers a one fixture fits all (warehouse/office fixture) solution, with more than 12 different fixture designs exclusively for Pickleball and tennis, we are LED fixture mounting diagramthe only supplier that can offer you a full range of solutions regardless of your lighting requirement. No two buildings are alike, whether your building is Steel, Wood, Air-Dome, Tension Fabric, Concrete, or custom, we offer unique pickleball specific light options for your space. Having designed tennis and Pickleball lighting for 22 years, Brite Court is viewed the gold standard for tennis and Pickleball lighting solutions. We are proud to offer American Made LED lighting backed by a 10 year warranty from a 25 year old US manufacture.


fixture door for quick access and es of serviceabilityOur indoor Pickleball lighting products are all 100% field serviceable unlike 90% of the other LED lighting (most of which is imported from Asia and other places). Often those lighting products are considered throw away, whereas failed LED chips/modules and sometimes drivers require removal of the fixture to be sent back to manufacture for warranty and can be costly to maintain. Whereas, Brite Court fixtures can be serviced right in place where it takes less than 5 minutes to replace a driver and/or LED modules. Brite Court indoor pickleball lighting has a 100,000 serviceable life.

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