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Brite Court LED Pickleball, Tennis and Sports Lighting.

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500+ Indoor and Outdoor Tennis/Pickleball Lighting projects designed


LED Tennis & Pickleball Lighting  – Made in USA

Brite Court is North America’s leading LED tennis lighting provider with made in America quality while maintaining affordable cost by shipping manufacture direct to you. With 25+ years of tennis and sports lighting experience from club Level to NCAA/professional we have the experience. Our team has designed and provided lighting for nearly 600 Tennis and Pickleball projects. No other company offers more choices for indoor and outdoor tennis lighting. Unlike others that simply sell low cost imported LED lights not designed for racquet sports,  we actually design our fixtures from the ground up specifically for the sport. Because racquet sports facilities and their lighting needs vary for indoor alone we have 6 different LED options and 4 different outdoor LED options.
LED Panel Indoor Tennis  

Below are a few recent projects (Click on Image to enlarge or play Video)

Featured Project

Brite Court LED Direct Indiect Pickleball Zone (Bend, OR)

LED Outdoor Tennis Lighting

Existing tennis lights at this 23 court club consisted of 184 1000-w M/H. Installing our 434-w BC-BLX outdoor LED tennis lighting resulting in a 60% energy reduction while delivering incredible light levels and uniformity

LED Indirect Tennis Lighting

Previous tennis lighting consisted of 48 1000-watt indirect M/H per court (12,960 watts per court). Replacing one for one with Brite Court HEX LED Indirect tennis lighting provided a 68% energy reduction with improved light quality.

LED Direct – Indirect

Existing  lighting consisted of 48 1000-watt M/H per court. They replaced the aging M/H with Brite Court LED Direct Indirect tennis lighting system at 4752 watts per court resulting in a  64% reduction while nearly doubling their light levels

LED  Indirect – Air Domes

This new 6 court Air-Dome was one of three sports domes this club has, they chose to install the Brite Court LED HEX Indirect tennis lights, The also replaced 1000w and 1500w M/H  lighintg in their other bubbles with the 350-w HEX LED

LED Direct-Indirect

Members of OPRC were ready to move to the next gen. of LED sports lighting. They chose our LED Direct-Indirect system. With 35%-40% of the lighting indirect, this provides the best of both worlds, while doubling their light levels and reducing energy cost.

LED Indirect Lighting

Ontario RC had two tennis domes with 1000-w M/H, after seeing our LED HEX indirect Tennis fixtures at other bubbles in the area they too jumped at the opportunity to reduce their energy and improve the lighting. This project yielded a 68% energy reduction.
Brite COurt BC-BLX outdoor courts Pickleball and Tennis lighting

LED Direct – Indirect

The Prestigious Washington Golf and Country Club was looking to reduce the lighting cost & improve lighting on their 6 outdoor courts. They replaced their  1000 -watt M/H with  LED BC-BLX with significant light level increase and energy savings .

LED Direct-Indirect

Columbia Basin RC 4 Court tennis area had 14 1000-w M/H per court. They chose to replace with our LED Direct-Indirect system at 4572-watts per court, providing a 69% energy reduction and a major increase in light levels and Uniformity

LED Sports ligthting for all racquet Sports.

LED Sports and Tennis lighting is here!!!

All our LED fixtures are designed and engineered for each specific sport environment, enhanced to deliver performance and more importantly provide quality lighting with glare reduction (common in other LED’s).

  • Our outdoor sports court and  tennis-pickleball lighting fixtures provides a significant forwards throw with a wide beam angle delivering most of the light on the court and NOT the surrounding area. With light pollution concerns these days we can eliminate that concern with Dark Sky compliant Outdoor Pickleball Tennis and Sports Lighting.
  • Indirect LED Tennis-Pickleball lighting: Our LED Indirect up-lighting is the most diverse of any company. There is NO one fixture fits all solution so we have designed four different Indirect LED fixture.  Indirect LED pickleball-tennis fixtures were engineered from the ground up as a Indirect LED ensuring proper heat dissipation, performance and reliability…

  • Direct-Indirect LED Tennis-Pickleball lighting: This has become the most popular indoor racquet sports lighting choice , This system provide a mix of both indirect and Direct lighting  which also offers individual court lighting management that straight  indirect cannot. The main downfall to direct LED in sports environment is GLARE! Direct-Indirect Pickleball-Tennis lighting overcomes the glare issues with a soft diffused light, delivering the most energy efficient tennis lighting design available today.

  • LED Panel Tennis Lighting: This system uses 72-80 2’x4′ 60-80-watt LED panels suspended at the ceiling providing a feeling as if skylights were illuminating the courts. Our panels and suspensions systems are All US made, we will not sell any imported LED panels for tennis lighting like our competitors. All our Tennis lighting is made in the USA.  Direct LED Panel Tennis Lighting

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LED Tennis-Pickleball lighting for outdoor and indoor courts.

Tennis lighting

 Brite Court offers affordable state of the art, energy-efficient outdoor and indoor lighting for tennis, pickleball and sports applications, featuring both indirect lighting and direct/indirect lighting solutions for indoor courts as well as leading edge LED lighting for outdoor tennis and Pickleball. Whether you are planning a new court construction project, need to increase your current light quality, or are looking for ways to reduce your energy cost, implementing Brite Court’s  LED picleball or tennis lights should be on your short list of capital improvements.

Brite Court offers the most energy efficient fixtures designed especially for outdoor and indoor courts. Our indoor sports lighting systems will save you money, our customers typically save between 40-70% in energy costs while delivering higher light quality.

New Technology Sports and Tennis Lighting

before and after 1000w halide vs Brite Court LED outdoor tennis lighting

click to enlarge

We offer the latest in sports and tennis lighting fixture technologies including LED indoor and outdoor tennis lighting options. With More than 18 different fixtures specifically designed for tennis lighting no one offers a more diverse lineup of  tennis and sports lighting solutions than us. In addition to tennis lights we also offer solutions for your Racquetball lighting, Pool lighting, Squash court lighting, Gym lighting, Parking lot lighting and office and locker rooms.

Pictured here is a great example of the performance of our LED systems, on the left of this picture is a court with 8 1000-watt Metal Halides 8,640 watts per court, right of that is our BC-BLX 434-watt Tennis lighting at 3472 watts per court resulting in a 60% energy reduction and significant increase in lighting quality.

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Brite Court Rated Lamp Life

Based on 16 Hours per day

Standard T5 40,000 hours or 6.8 years
LED Tubes 50,000 hours or 8.5 years
Brite Court LED 100,000 hours or 17.1 years

Why Choose Us?

About Brite Court and our experience

Brite Court is a division of Alternative LED LLC (ALED). The Founders of  ALED developed the 1st T5 fluorescent indoor tennis lighting back in 2002 and since then they have designed lighting for more than 500 courts. All of the Brite Court tennis lighting is designed specifically for tennis use. As you can see we offer many different lighting options including Direct and indirect lighting for tennis courts. Brite Court is progressive in that we evolve as technology evolves as demonstrated with our new LED tennis lighting fixture options. With more than 20 years of Tennis lighting experience we deliver what others cannot

What product and services do you provide?

We offer tennis and Sports lighting fixtures as well as we will design the lighting system specifically to your facility (included with your FREE lighting quote). As you know the USTA and the American Sports Builders Assoc. (ASBA) has lighting Level and uniformity requirements for various levels of tennis play, this is often overlooked by companies not experienced in tennis lighting, with that said every project quote includes at no cost to you a tennis lighting design specific to your facility using state of the art 3D software. Contact Us for a free Quote or call 800 330-0828

We do not provide the installation labor, that will be done by a local electrician of your choice, however we will work directly with you and your electrician to help reduce/control installation cost.

How much will it cost?

Sounds expensive right? not at all, Brite Court (ALED) has partnered directly with manufacturing to cut out the distribution channels usually associated with the sale of lighting fixtures. Like we have discussed, all of our lighting design services are at no cost you you and are included in every tennis court lighting fixture quote.

The reality of cost:  Many regions of the US and Canada the ROI of replacing your old tennis lighting is one of the lowest hanging fruit in your facility. In most of the US and Canada there are rebates and and possible Tax breaks available. With the cost of energy skyrocketing we often find ROI’s in the 1-2.5 year range especially when utility rebates are available. where else can you invest your money with that kind of return? Leasing is also an option  in some cases (depending on the energy savings) you we lease the lighting system for a monthly payment actually less than the energy savings thus putting $$$ in your pocket every month. Contact us today for a free quote or call 800 330-0828

What is involved in the FREE Lighting Quote?

Simply give us a call at (800) 330-0828 or email us. We will have one of our sports lighting design team visit your facility or we can also get the details from you to prepare a detailed lighting plan for your Tennis facility. Once complete they will meet with our design team to determine the best practices for your lighting design. Then we will do energy comparisons between your existing lighting and the new lighting proposed. Once that is complete we will deliver the detailed finished report to you and your team. Again this is a NO COST no obligation design and audit.  If you feel that our findings are reasonable to pursue a lighting upgrade all we ask is to consider Brite Court and ALED when you are ready to do your project.   Contact us today for a free quote or call 800 330-0828

Our Specialties

Outdoor LED Tennis Lighting

Energy efficieny, better light quality and reduce maintenance cost are all great reasons to install Brite Court Led Outdoor Tennis lighting for your court(s)Learn More Outdoor Tennis Lighting

LED Indirect  Indoor Tennis Lighting

Indirect lighting has long been a popular choice for indoor tennis facilities. We have reinvented this category with first DLC listed  LED indirect available today. Learn More Indirect Tennis Lighting

Direct-Indirect Tennis LED Lighting

Our Direct Indirect LED tennis lighting system with 35%-40% Indirect light, when combined with horizontal Direct light it is truly the best tennis lighting available.Learn More Direct-Indirect Tennis Lighting

More LED Sports Lighting

Brite Court specializes in  sports lighting solutions, including Basketball, Racquetball, Squash, Pool areas, Ice Rinks, Gyms, Indoor Soccer, Baseball facilities and more.   Other ther Sports Lighting Products


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Some of Our Partners

GE lighting products used in Brite Court sports lights

We offer and use LED and T5 and T8 Fluorescent Philips Lighting products

Sylvania Lighting products used in Brite Court Light fixtures

Advance transformer Provides ballast and lamp controls for Brite Court Tennis and sports lighting fixtures

Universal lighting T5 HO Fluorescent lamps and ballast


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