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LED Outdoor Lighting for Tennis, Pickleball and Sport Courts

Outdoor pickleball and tennis lighting is evolving very quickly with the advancements of new technology. Gone are the days of the 1,000-watt metal halides that took 10+ minutes to start up and the high maintenance cost due to the very short lamp life of the halides. Brite Court is taking outdoor tennis lighting to new levels offering more energy efficient options than any other company. From budget minded lighting solutions to tournament facility outdoor tennis lighting, we have the technology and experience to fulfill your sports lighting needs.

Next Generation of Outdoor Sports Lighting

Brite Court LED tennis Lighting are rated at 70,000 hours (7-times that of your 1000w metal halides) Our LED fixtures are designed to replace your 1080 watt HID fixtures. When you combine the incredible energy savings and maintenance reduction of the LED tennis fixtures forward minded decisions will result in big savings.  Brite Court LED tennis lights are engineered specifically for lighting outdoor tennis court, unlike most LED fixture used in Parking lots the Brite Court fixtures are designed to throw the light forward toward the court which reduces light pollution.

Know your BUG Rating…

Every outdoor LED fixture sold in North America is required to be tested and must publish the fixtures “BUG Rating”. These are important metrics you should know about any fixture you select for your court lighting, or any sports environment.

  • B=backlight: refers to the amount of light of like that bleeds away from the back of the fixture, which is very important, especially for many residential installations. Often fixtures that have significant back-light also offer glare shields to block some of the backlight.

  • U=uplight: Just as it sounds, it is a metric of the uplight emitted by the lighting fixtures. Most fixture with special designed optics for tennis and pickleball do not have a uplight issue, and most will likely be Dark Sky compliant. Allthough, many of the LED area lights that are tilted more than 10 degrees can compromise that compliance.

  • G=GLARE: This is one of the most important ones. Glare is measured on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the worst). With most high-performance LED outdoor luminaires they will land near the top of that scale (4-5). However, even 1 point difference between fixtures can be noticeable, the lower the number the better. Most of our competitors do not discuss these metrics simply because they rate on the top of that scale, whereas several of Brite Courts LED Tennis and Pickleball fixtures fall in the 3-4 range.

These are very important metrics to know and understand when purchasing outdoor sport lighting and should at least be a part of the discussion. Though sometimes a high BUG rating is unavoidable…

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Private single court before using 1000w halide tennis lighting

Before & After… (Pictured left) is a single court, the before picture this court used eight 1000,watt metal halides. (Pictured right) is the same court with Brite Court LED fixtures replacing the halides.

Private single court after 434w BLX LED

The Video to the right is the Sparetime Clubs Broadstone facility in CA. this video shows the comparison between the existing 1000-watt halides and the Brite Court BC-BLX 434w LED tennis lighting. As you can see the single court that has the LED is a major improvement over the inefficient halides. It was so dramatic that Spare time replaced the lights on all 23 courts.

Tennis and Pickleball Lighting Design and Photometrics

Below are  a few examples of popular court lighting photometric layouts. (Click on images to enlarge). All photometric designs below are using our 400W (60,000 lumen) or 600w (90,000 lumen) BC-Edge. Other options available ranging from 300-800+ watts accommodating both low (18′) poles to high (40′) mast. Our design team can also custom design to meet your specific lighting needs.

Note: below are just a few of more than 100+ lighting design options for pickleball and tennis. Photometrics are estimates only with limitations of software and potential input data. Please contact us for photometrics specific to your existing court(s) or new build.

Tennis court designs:

12 pole 16@400w sgl  25′
11 pole 16@400w ,Sgl, D70, Quad 25′
9-pole 12@400w Sgl,D180 25′
9-pole 12@400w Sgl, D70, D180  25′
6-pole 12@ 400w Sgl, perimeter only, 25′
8-Pole 8@400w Sgl, 25′
6-pole 8@400w Sgl, D70, 25′
4 pole 8@400w D90, 25′
Single court 6 pole 6@400w Sgl 25′
6 pole 6@600w Sgl, 25′

Pickleball Court Designs:

Single Court 2-pole 25′ 4 fixture 240w residential
Single Court 2-pole 25′ 2-fixture 400w residential
Single Court 2-pole 25′ 2 fixture 600w residential
Single Court 4-pole 20′ 4 fixture 400w commercial
Single Court 4-pole 20′ 4 fixture 240w commercial
Two Court 4-pole 20′ 4-fixture 400w
Two Court 4-pole 20′ 4-fixture 600w
Two Court 6-pole 20′ 6-fixture 400w
Three  Court 8-pole 25′ 8-fixture 400w
Three  Court 8-pole 25′ 8-fixture 600w and 400w

Our LED tennis lighting features have reduced glare and provide a long lamp life solution to replace your aging halide systems. With 70,000 hours of lamp life and  50%-70% energy reduction you will not only see your electric bill decline, but maintenance cost will also be reduced.

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Our LED Edge tennis and Pickleball fixture is Ideal for perimeter lighting with little to no tilting required. The Edge has the most aggressive forwards throw which is great for courts where the poles are 16-20 from the court.

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Our newest option uses reflective light providing a great option for perimeter only lighting of your court.  Contact us for Quote

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