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LED Ice Rink Lighting.

Brite Court LED lighting for Ice Rinks

The Brite Court Ice Rink lighting (Brite Ice) fixtures are specifically designed LED fixtures that are thermally engineered for indoor Ice sports facilities. Simply put, with more than 20 years of sub-zeror lighting design experience Brite Ice fixtures in terms of light output, durability, ease of maintenance, lamp protection, and longevity in these harsh environments should be your first choice for lighting. Our ice arena lighting systems will deliver substantial energy savings, increased glare free light quiality, while also reducing maintenance. If your facility currently uses 250-watt, 400-watt, 1000-watt metal halides or even some fluorescent fixtures, replacing them with our LED fixtures will typically result in up to 70% plus energy reduction.

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In addition to the extraordinary wattage reduction, Brite Ice Rink lighting fixtures introduce far less heat into your facility thus reducing your refrigeration loads. Halide fixtures as well as some fluorescent lamps burn very warm-to-hot, whereas our LED Brite Ice fixtures operate up to 80% cooler than many metal halide fixtures, which can result in an additional 12%-19% energy savings due to BTU reduction.

Our Ice Rink lighting Technology

Brite Ice fixtures are manufactured in the USA, designed and engineered from the ground up specifically for refrigerated environments. Unlike most LED fixtures that use proprietary LED components, our systems are built on the linear LED platform which allows them to be 100% field serviceable right in place. It takes less than 5 minutes to replace a driver or LED module. With more than 100,000-hour serviceable life and a 10 year warranty, you can expect a very low maintenance lighting solution for your facility.

Why Choose Us?

  • Typical energy Savings 50%
  • Can be controlled with occupancy Sensors
  • Long Lamp Life less maintenance
  • Increased light Quality and levels

Brite Ice Lighting performance?

Our ice arena lighting fixtures stems from years of experience in providing specialized lighting solutions for indoor sports and cold environments, we have design and provide fixtures specifically for this usage for more than 20 years. These are not an off the shelf product, our luminaires have been designed with our input and oversight just for this specific application. In-fact the same fixtures we use in ice-sports facilities are the same that are used today in some of the largest cold storage logistics companies in North America. Our lighting design team has provided lighting solutions for countless ice rinks from NHL practice facilities, municipal rinks, and private rinks across the US and Canada. All our lighting systems are performance based to suit the lighting needs and requirements on the individual sport. Regardless of your budget, we have the technology and sport specific lighting experience you need for a successful project outcome…

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All of our sports and tennis lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility throughout the US and Canada. Contact us today for a NO COST lighting design and lighting project estimate.

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