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sports and tennis lighting fixtures available in Canada and USA

LED Lighting for Gyms,Basketball & Volleyball.

High Impact LED Gym, Volleyball & Basketball Lighting

Indoor sports activities like Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnastics as well as most gym sports and games require substantial light levels, light quality and low glare to deliver a safe and effective sports environment. Brite Court and our manufacturing partners take a unique approach compared to most. We carefully analyze the lighting needs for each sport and or multisport space. Then our lighting systems are designed and engineered from the ground up specifically for those sports, unlike most of our competitors that simply use the latest imported warehouse fixture for a sports environment that often lack proper illumination, manage glare poorly, and lack impact resistance). Brite Court takes sports lighting seriously this since is our core business.

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Impact Resistant Non Glare Sports Lighting

4′ High impact Sport-light is available in lumen packages from 11,000lm-38,000lm (85-300 watts).
2′ High impact Sport-light is available in lumen packages from 9,000lm-19,000lm (75-1500 watts).
Our 386w 57,000 lumen LED HEX indirect is a great choice for air domes or buildings with highly reflective ceilings.

Our LED Indirect lighting technology

Why Choose Us?

  • Typical energy Savings 50%
  • Optional Dimming & Occupancy controls
  • Long Lamp Life less maintenance
  • Increased light Quality and levels
  • 100% Field Serviceable
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-year Warranty
  • 5-year impact warranty

We realize that there is no one fixture fits all solution, whereas we have developed several types of lighting solutions for gym, volleyball, and basketball courts.  Brite Court created the 1st indirect certified LED fixture designed specifically for indoor sports. Our High impact LED HEX indirect fixture is #1 indirect sports fixture today in the US and Canada. From private sport courts to NCAA volleyball courts LED indirect is a solid choice and solution assuming you have a reasonable reflective ceiling surface.

Lighting Maintenance

Our gym fixtures (pictured above with or without the optional wire guard) are engineered specifically for sports facilities, with a durable body, and quality components to resist impacts common in sports facilities. Most of our indoor Sports lighting is designed to be 100% field serviceable using Samsung and Osram components. Replacing drivers, or modules takes less than 5 minutes, and can be done in place. Whereas most LED fixtures from others often require removal and ship back to manufacture for repairs

Gym Lighting Durability?

Buy Direct and Save $$$

All of our sports and tennis lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility throughout the US and Canada. Contact us today for a NO COST lighting design and lighting project estimate.

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