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Who We Are?

aboutBrite-Court is a product of Alternative LED (Lighting, Energy & Design); providing the latest technology in lighting fixtures, and systems for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Sports lighting is unique, as it often requires high levels of quality lighting. Fixture placement and design is extremely critical in creating a safe and competitive sports environment. Here at ALED-Brite Court, we have more than 40+ years experience of sports lighting design and sales to meet your facilities demanding sports lighting needs. Others might tell you that their single converted (likely imported) warehouse or parking-lot fixture solution will work for you but you will be disappointed with the end result when those technologies are used.

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We have developed more than 20+ fixtures specifically engineered for Tennis, Pickleball, Racquetball, Squash, Basketball, Natatorium/Pools and numerous other sports with a focus on lighting for that specific sports applications. As you know lighting for any sport is as important as the equipment used to compete in the sport.

The other major factors are most buildings and rooms are not created equal, whereas one style or technology of sports lighting many not be a good fit in different spaces. This is where Brite Court stands out and apart from others. We are hands on in the design of our fixtures and take all this into consideration, therefore we design and provide lighting solutions that are appropriate for just about evey unique sports environment.

Whether you are in any of the US 50 states, Canada or even south of the border our team can provide the sports lighting products, design and support you need to help you maintain or create a competitive sports environment while reducing your energy and maintenance cost.

Meet the Founders

The ALED-Brite Court management team originally developed the first new technology tennis lighting more than 20 years ago and now with more than 40 years combined tennis and sports lighting experience we will deliver the right solution the first time.

Gary Fowler


More than twenty years ago Brite-Court’s founder Gary Fowler’s fathered the use of T5 High Output Fluorescent for use in tennis and other sports facility’s and has creating a lighting standard of new technology for tennis and sports lighting. Since then, he has been in the forefront of the LED tennis, and more recently pickleball and other sports lighting industry with numerous innovations including tiered direct-indirect tennis lighting, combining indirect and direct lighting systems for unique hybrid lighting designs. Gary also developed the 1st certified LED high performance indirect lighting solutions which is not the most used LED indirect fixture in the racquet sports industry. More recently Gary has tackled the Pickleball industry developing the first dedicated lighting solutions for indoor pickleball.

Kris Licht


Kris is one of the leading business development professionals in the lighting industry, with more than 18 years providing both sports and industrial lighting solutions to big and small businesses alike, including several fortune 100-500 companies. With a clear vision he is able to deliver exceptionally efficient lighting solutions catered specifically to the demands of your facility.
For the last 10 years as LED came to the forefront of outdoor area lighting, Kris was leading the way with a focus of developing and bringing to market LED lighting specifically and optically designed for outdoor Tennis, Pickleball and other sports. Kris has consulted and designed more outdoor lighting solutions for tennis and pickleball facilities than anyone else in North America, whereas Brite Court has more solutions under our brand than any other sports lighting company.   

Our Team

Sales, Lighting Design, and Project Management

Our staff, sales, design team and manufacturing partners are located throughout the US and Canada ready to take on your sports lighting projects. Send us an email or give us a call at (800) 330-0828 and one of our experienced sports lighting professionals will contact you to discuss your lighting project.

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