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sports and tennis lighting fixtures available in Canada and USA

Indirect LED Tennis Lights.

LED Indirect Tennis and Pickleball Court Lighting .

LED Indirect HEX  386-watts 58K Lumens (153 Lumens per watt)

Used in more than 150 indoor Tennis and Pickleball facilities


Designed and Engineered Exclusively for Indirect Use.

Rated #1 Indirect Tennis-Pickleball Lighting

Our Made in the USA HEX LED Indirect Tennis and Pickleball lighting was designed/engineered from the ground up and the 1st CSA/UL/ETL and DLC certified LED indirect fixture, celebrating 8 years in service with less than .001% warranty claim rate. Hands down the most reliable LED indirect fixture available today. Our HEX indirect fixture is specifically designed for use in pickleball and tennis sports buildings and air structures. Using ultra reliable Samsung LED Modules and Sylvania/Osram and/or Philips Drivers results in the highest performance certified LED indirect fixtures on the market.  We have been designing sports lighting for 23 years now with more than 650 tennis and pickleball lighting projects completed by our team. Our 30 year old partner lighting manufacture is located in the US and provides a un-heard of 10 year warranty for most indoor installations.

LED Indirect Buyers Guide

Please read this .pdf buyers guide before you make any final decisions regarding your LED indirect purchase. This could potentially save you thousands of $$$ if you were to select lighting not listed or certified and designed for indirect use. This buyers guide discusses 11 important aspects you should know before your purchase
LED Indirect Buyers Guide

Project Video Gallery (Click video to play)


LED Indirect Tennis

This club located in Virginia had 48 1000-w Metal Halides (12 per court), they replaced one for one achieving a 68% energy reduction and dramatically reduced their maintenance cost.

Tennis Clubs of Canada 

LED Indirect for Bubble

This new Air Structure in Toronto is one of the 1st to use LED Indirect Lighting, The Client was so pleased with the results in this air dome they have now started replacing their 1000w MH at their other indoor Sports Buildings.

CVA Club Cleveland, OH

LED Indirect Lighting

The 9 Court club had 10 1000w metal halides per court, after a one for one replacement with the Brite Court LED Indirect tennis lighting, they experienced a 63% energy reduction and significant light level increase.

Ontario Racquet Club (ON)

LED Indirect Bubble Lighting

The project included two existing older air structures, the exiting metal 1000, halides simply could not deliver the light levels desired. ORC installed the Brite Court LED indirect Hex at 350W resulting in a 68% reduction and dramatic light quality improvement.

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Project Photo Gallery (Click picture to enlarge)

Premier Athletic Club New LED Indirect tennis lighting
LED indirect tennis lighting Premier Athletic Club NY
Genas Tennis new LED lighting Brite Court HEX Indirect
Strut mounted LED indirect tennis lighting by Brite Court
CVA Club New Tennis lighting Brite Court LED HEX indirect fixtures
New tennis lighting installation at CVA Club in Ohio
Indirect LED tennis Lighting Farley Air Structure
Brite Court LED Indirect fixture in Tennis Clubs of Canada Farley tennis Bubble
Marilyn Redvers Racquet Club new LED Indirect lighting system
led Tennis Lighting Ontario Canada
LED Tennis lighting Light levels Whitworth University Spokane WA
Ontario Racquet Club new LED indirect tennis lighting
WIllow Oaks LED tennis lighting upgrade by MBR
LED indirect lighting WIllow Oaks
Reflective ceiling willow oaks tennis lighting
W-O Tennis court Lights
LED lights indirect on indoor tennis courts
Sparetime Sports New Indoor LED indirect tennis lighting
PP LED Indirect lights over Clay Courts
Brite Court LED Sports Lighting
NY Tennis Club installs new LED tennis light fixtures
LED Indirect tennis lighting on stands Oak Bay Tennis Bubble



Brite Court Tennis lighting made in the USA

Brite Court LED indirect pickleball  and tennis lighting  fixtures and systems are engineered specifically for the use in racquet and paddle sports facilities with the focus of delivering a high performance indirect LED light source while radically reducing maintenance and energy cost. If you are reading this, your facility most likely uses old technology 1,000-watt metal halides or fluorescent. Both are last century’s technology. The Brite Court  LED Indirect tennis and Pickleball lighting is this centuries solution boasting up to 10 times the lamp life and average of 40%-70% energy savings.

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Perfect for Fabric Structures-Bubble-Domes, and Steel Frame

Farley Tennis Bubble lighting

From Division 1 NCAA tennis to club recreational level, Brite Court will deliver LED indirect tennis lighting fixtures and design at an affordable cost while still providing a reduction in energy use. Brite Courts fixtures have been a steady performer for more than 20 years using the latest lighting technology. Our HEX LED Indirect at 22lbs with a single point Griplock mount at 386-watts is an ideal solution to replace 1000-w metal halides in bubbles and air structures. Brite Court indoor Tennis lighting are Made in the USA and has been for 20+ years. We use quality name brand components like Sylvania/Osram and Samsung LED components. Unlike most LED fixtures our LED Linear and HEX fixture are 100% Field Serviceable. Wheras most LED componenrts can be seviced or replaced in just a matter of minutes. Combined with our 10 Year Warranty our fixtures are designed to be worry free for many years.

Buy Direct and Save $$$

All of our sports and tennis lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility throughout the US and Canada. Contact us today for a NO COST lighting design and lighting project estimate.

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