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Indoor High Impact LED Soccer lighting.

High Definition, High Performance, and High impact

Indoor LED Soccer Lighting Solutions

Indoor soccer facilities like most gym sports and games require significant light levels and light quality to deliver a safe playable environment. Soccer being such a fast-paced game especially requires high quality lighting for best player performance.  Additionally, fixture durability is also very important. Brite Court fixtures are designed to be impact resistant and durable for indoor soccer where lighting fixtures are extremely susceptible to ball strikes. Our Indoor LED lighting not only come with a 10 year warranty, but also include a  5-year impact warranty.

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Impact resistant Low Glare LED indoor Soccer Lighting

4′ High impact sport lighting is available in lumen packages from 11,000lm-38,000lm (85-300 watts).
2′ High impact sport lighting is available in lumen packages from 9,000lm-19,000lm (75-1500 watts).
Our 386w 57,000 lumen LED HEX indirect is a great choice for air domes or buildings with highly reflective ceilings.

Our Indoor Soccer lighting technology

We offer several types of lighting solutions for indoor soccer fields. All of our LED sports lighting is designed and engineered from the ground up specifically for each sport. For indoor Soccer our goal was to provide sports lighting that is highly impact resistant and provide a glare free lighting solution. These fixtures all use our proprietary dome-shaped “DAC” lens design. These are heavily diffused (no-glare) lenses in a protruded bow shape that extends beyond the face of the fixture (protected by a wire-cage) which also expands the native 120-degree beam of light to nearly 180 degrees. This provides for added illumination on the ball at higher elevations of ball flight that no other flat-lensed sports-light can deliver. Unlike most LED lighting these days that are throw away and non-serviceable, Brite Court LED High Impact fixtures are also 100% field serviceable, whereas it takes less than 5 minutes to change out a driver or LED module and it can all be achieved with fixture in-place. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Typical energy savings 50%
  • Can be controlled with optional occupancy sensors or dimming
  • 100,000-hour serviceable LED life
  • 100% Field serviceable Increased light quality and levels
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

 #1 Air and Frabric structure lighting solutions.

One of the most popular indoor types of soccer buildings are air structures/Domes. Brite Court is the the leading supplier of lighting for both new and existing bubbles and fabric structures. Our LED HEX Indirect fixture was the 1st certified LED indirect fixture on the market. Coming in at a only 22lbs is this the perfect bubble LED solution and is well under the weight limits of most air dome suspension. Brite Court also supplies LED sports lighting for several fabric building manufacture throughout the US and Canada. From down-light to up-light no other lighting provider offers more options and solutions for air and fabric structures.

Watch our Fixture take a beating and keep on lighting

Buy Direct and Save $$$

All of our sports and tennis lighting fixtures ship factory direct to your facility throughout the US and Canada. Contact us today for a NO COST lighting design and lighting project estimate.

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